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An inexpensive solution to not having to change your lock system to a keyless entry system, the KeySafe allows you to simply secure your keys so you don’t have to carry them with you.

The Wall-mount Keysafe Lock Box attaches simply to any wall or flat surface with 4 internal screws. Available in two sizes and “padlock” style that can be attached to any surface that can secure the shackle

  • This keysafe lock box securely holds keys, & access cards*

  • The interlocking faceplate prevents tampering and unauthorized access.

  • Ideal for the elderly to allow emergency service access

*If you want to store access cards, choose the Key Safe Pro

If you need to store and organise more keys at your home or office, we also stock key safes. These popular items are available in store for your convenience – Compact, safe & practical.


Key Safe Features

  • Can be mounted to a wall or inside a cupboard

  • One piece forming steel plate

  • Inner key hooks included inside

  • Strong cylinder lock with two keys included

  • Available in 20 key capacity (20 x 16 x 8cm) and 48 key capacity (20 x 25 x 8 cm)

Available in store now, or we can professionally install at your home or office.
Contact us to arrange a free quote T: 02 9389 8543     E:

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