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We supply and install Securguard Safes due to their quality, competitively priced, and comply with the recommended insurable ratings. Whether it’s for home or businesses, we have a safe to protect your belongings from theft and fire.

Compact Fire Resistant Safe features

  • High security, fire resistant safes with attractive and compact design

  • 1 hour fire protection certified by SP NT-Fire 017 60P, UL Class 350 1 hour,
    KS 1 hour (Furnace Temperature: 945ºC)

  • Two hefty ø 16 (5/8”) solid chrome plated locking bolts

  • One stationary locking bolt on hinge side to deter prying attack on hinges

  • Convenient plastic tray (+ Adjustable shelf for model 031D)

  • Pre-drilled anchor hole.

  • Available in small, medium & large

Available in store now, or we can professionally install at your home or office.
Contact us to arrange a free quote T: 02 9389 8543     E:

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